California Lighthouse Service Level 10-B

California Lighthouse Service Level: A Tour of the Public Improvements

In this post, CivicMic will focus on the California Lighthouse service level received from the LMD No. 16 maintenance of the interior public improvements. The City's General Fund covers the maintenance of the exterior improvements surrounding the California Lighthouse community.

As previously reported, the City's contractor provides a “B” maintenance level of service to twenty-eight (28) of the City’s thirty-six (36) landscape maintenance assessment districts. The revenue collected from eight (8) of the districts and one (1) zone (Harbour Island of Waterways) is not sufficient to provide a “B” level of service. California Lighthouse receives a "C" level of service.  Click here to review the California Lighthouse budget for Fiscal Year 2019/20.

Important: California Lighthouse is already being levied at the maximum amount allowed per the assessment district documents. An increase in the annual charge to provide a “B” level of service must be approved by the affected residents. The City can’t increase the assessments or form a replacement district without resident participation.

Take a tour of the California Lighthouse public improvements.  Scroll down inside the box below or use the up and down handles on the right of the box below to view the tour.  Click here if you are having trouble viewing the tour below.

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Please visit CivicMic often as additional information on how to improve the California Lighthouse service level and include the exterior improvements will be posted throughout the year. In the meantime, please use the “Share this:” buttons below to share this post with your neighbors and read other posts with valuable information.

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