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COVID-19 Landscape Maintenance Districts Update

COVID-19 Landscape Maintenance Districts Update

As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times created by COVID-19, it becomes more important each day to participate in activities that provide hope for the future. The CDC recommends taking a break from news surrounding the virus and focusing on new ways to complete regular activities. CivicMic, while sensitive to the current situation, is dedicated to moving forward with engagement tools that can be used from the comfort of home. We continue to share information with communities using the CivicMic website, gather feedback from individuals using online tools, and host virtual meetings. COVID-19 Landscape Maintenance Districts Update as …

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An Introduction to CFDs

An Introduction to CFDs

Join us to learn about options available to improve City of Oxnard neighborhoods including the perimeter and median landscaping! Want to receive updates? Subscribe to receive updates via email and get a free copy of the NBS Primer on Special Financing Districts! Click Here to Subscribe Please use the “Share this:” buttons at the bottom so your neighbors can sign up to receive update emails and participate in the process! Looking for more information? Please visit our main page for the City of Oxnard! Oxnard Main Page

Maintenance CFD Formation Steps

Maintenance CFD Formation Steps

As previously reported by CivicMic, the City of Oxnard wishes to engage constituents in a collaborative effort to find and implement solutions for the revitalization of public improvements in and around various neighborhoods in the City thus protecting real estate values and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.  A survey of Oxnard residents identified the landscaping on the perimeter and medians surrounding neighborhoods in Oxnard to be a major concern.  Please click here to read our previous post on perimeter and median landscaping. Maintenance CFD Formation Steps A viable long-term solution to improve and maintain perimeter and median …

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Oxnard Maintenance Calendar

Oxnard Maintenance Calendar: Special Districts Division

The City of Oxnard uses private contractors to maintain the landscaping inside various neighborhoods in the City with funds collected through landscape maintenance assessment district charges placed on the property tax bill and managed by the Special Districts Division.  Currently the City uses Garcia’s Landscaping for most of the landscape maintenance districts (“LMDs”) and Brightview for the Waterways Maintenance Assessment District (Mandalay Bay and Harbour Island).  The landscaping on the perimeter and medians around neighborhoods throughout the City is funded by the General Fund (not by the assessment charges) and the work is managed by the Parks Division (not the …

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Benefit Assessment Districts

Benefit Assessment Districts: Oxnard

What are Benefit Assessment Districts? Benefit Assessment Districts are a “property tax” mechanism used by local governmental agencies in California (counties, cities, and special districts) to fund public improvements and services.  Assessment Districts are established for a specific geographical area that receives a special benefit from specific public improvements and services.  In other words, the charge only applies to properties receiving a benefit instead of being applied against all properties within a governmental jurisdiction, as is the case with regular property taxes. What is Special Benefit? Article XIII D of the California Constitution (commonly referred to as Proposition 218) defines …

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Special Districts Division Staffing

Special Districts Division Staffing: November 2019 Update

The CivicMic Team is happy to provide this update for the City of Oxnard’s Special Districts Division staffing, including the hiring of a new Manager and two Inspectors. Below is the official City announcement for the Division’s new Manager, Julie Phillips: “The Public Works Department welcomes Julie Phillips, Special Districts Manager. She will oversee the Special Districts Division which is in charge of capital improvement project management, maintenance of facilities, amenities, trees, and landscaping in Oxnard’s LMD’s and CFD’s including the waterways and Riverpark. Julie brings more than 20 years of experience in municipal government with experience in maintenance, budget …

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