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Harbour Island Irrigation of Public Landscaping to Improve

In this post, CivicMic will continue to focus on next steps to better public improvements starting with Harbour Island irrigation of the public improvements.  Please click here to read our previous post on this topic.

As previously posted by CivicMic, the City's contractor provides a “B” maintenance level of service to twenty-eight (28) of the City’s thirty-six (36) landscape maintenance assessment districts. The revenue collected from eight (8) of the districts and one (1) zone (Harbour Island of Waterways) is not sufficient to provide a “B” level of service. Harbour Island receives a "D" level of service.

Important: Harbour Island is already being levied at the maximum amount allowed per the assessment district documents. An increase in the annual charge to provide a “B” level of service must be approved by the affected residents. The City can’t increase the assessments or form a replacement district without resident participation.

Click here to take a tour of the Harbour Island public improvements maintained by the City with funds from the Waterways Landscape Maintenance District.

Harbour Island irrigation of the public landscaping is about to improve!

The Homeowners Association has agreed to take over the payment of the water bill for Harbour Island irrigation of the public landscaping - effective October 1, 2019.  This change will allow the City to increase water frequency and help restore brown areas and overall health of the landscaping. 

The change will also release a portion of the assessment funds previously budgeted for irrigation to cover the additional cost of increasing the frequency of maintenance from the current "D" level of service.  The City will be estimating the amount to become available to determine the possible higher level of service.

Below is an update of progress made since our previous post:  Harbour Island: Next Steps to Better Public Improvements.

Objectives will be approached in two phases -  Harbour Island Next Steps:

Phase 1 (Limited by Availability of Funds):

  • Increase water frequency to help restore brown areas and overall health of the landscaping.  In Progress - HOA will be pay water bill and increase the watering cycle.
  • Increase the frequency and level of landscape maintenance.  In Progress - City estimating availability of funds, since HOA will pay the water bill, to increase level of maintenance.

Phase 2 (Long Term Solution):

  • City to engage Harbour Island residents through CivicMic to introduce and explain the process required for a viable and sustainable funding solution.  In Progress - Online survey responses are being received from Harbour Island to obtain feedback, gauge participation and prioritize community meetings.  
  • On-site community workshops hosted by CivicMic and the City to ascertain desired public improvements and level of service.
  • CivicMic works with the City to create a new estimated budget and share with residents to re-prioritize desired improvements and level of service.  Repeat until residents agree on best value.
  • Survey of residents by CivicMic to determine support for budget, desired improvements, level of service, and proposed funding solution.
  • A positive survey results in petitions to be signed by residents supporting the initiation of legal and administrative proceedings by the City to implement the proposed solution.
  • Proceedings include several resolutions passed by City Council, preparation of a special tax report, public hearing, ballots for approval of proposed solution by the residents, and the establishment of a resident advisory committee to help the City manage the public improvements in the future.

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Harbour Island Maintenance of Public Landscaping to Improve
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