Neptune Drive Survey Stay Connected

Neptune Drive Survey: Stay Connected

As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times created by COVID-19, it becomes more important each day to participate in activities that provide hope for the future. The CDC recommends taking a break from news surrounding the virus and focusing on new ways to complete regular activities. CivicMic, while sensitive to the current situation, is dedicated to moving forward with engagement tools that can be used from the comfort of home. We continue to share information with communities using the CivicMic website, gather feedback from individuals using online tools, and host virtual meetings.

5/22/2020 Update:  The 2nd survey is now closed!

Neptune Drive Survey

The CivicMic staff hopes everyone is staying safe and healthy.  As you may have learned from this recent update - Neptune Drive Shoreline Flood Protection Project Update - the City is timing the initiation of assessment district formation proceedings with the construction of the County levee to keep interest costs on the debt and financial burden on property owners to a minimum. We are tentatively scheduled to initiate proceedings and mail ballots in September 2020.  In addition, the City has proposed a 10-year term, instead of 25 or 30 years, to reduce interest costs to property owners over the life of the assessment.  Preliminary assessments and recent posts at CivicMic have been updated and re-published.

In the meantime, we would like to hear from you to make sure we address any questions/concerns and provide additional information so you can make an educated decision when the ballots are mailed.  We have received responses to the most recent survey but would like to encourage a greater response.

Please take the survey and have a chance of winning one of twenty $15 Amazon gift cards. If you have already taken the most recent survey, you have automatically been entered in the drawing.  (Note, we initially planned on giving away Starbucks cards, but Amazon cards are a better match for social distancing practices).

5/22/2020 Update:  The 2nd survey is now closed.  CivicMic will select twenty survey entries at random to receive a $15 Amazon gift card each.  Thank you all for participating!

Please share with your neighbors, so we hear from them and address their questions/concerns plus they too have a chance of winning a gift card.

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