Neptune Shoreline Flood Protection Project

Neptune Shoreline Flood Protection Project: Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the 2nd informational meeting to discuss the City of San Leandro Neptune Shoreline Flood Protection project is now available!

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Neptune Drive Shoreline Flood Protection Project

Wednesday, November 13th at 6:30 PM

Monarch Bay Golf Club (Banquet Room)

13800 Monarch Bay Drive

San Leandro, CA

A FEMA representative will be at the meeting.  In addition, we will share proposed assessment amounts per parcel and procedural steps required for the formation of an assessment district.  As you may recall from previous posts, the formation of the proposed assessment district must be approved by the affected property owners.  The City can't form an assessment district without property owner participation.

The proposed assessment district will fund the construction of a levee benefiting approximately 1,055 parcels.  These parcels were recently re-designated by FEMA as being in the flood zone and mortgage companies now require property owners to carry flood insurance.  The construction of the levee would cause FEMA to re-designate the parcels as no longer being in the flood zone and mortgage companies no longer require flood insurance.

In summary, property owners would pay for a new assessment district charge on the property tax bill in exchange for not paying flood insurance. Comparing the Neptune Shoreline Flood Protection Project assessment amount against the flood insurance premium is critical in making the decision to support or not support the formation of the proposed assessment district.

Below are the parcels affected by FEMA's actions and the proposed formation of an assessment district for the Neptune Shoreline Flood Protection Project.

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