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Oxnard Harbour Island Turf Removal

Oxnard Harbour Island: As previously reported by CivicMic (click here to read), there are eight (8) Districts and one (1) Zone (Harbour Island of Waterways) of the City's Maintenance Assessment Districts for which the City is unable to provide the standard "B" level of maintenance.  The revenue collected through assessments is not sufficient to provide a "B" level of maintenance.  The maintenance generally includes landscaping such as trees, shrubs, and groundcover.  The affected Districts and Zone with corresponding maintenance levels of service are listed below.

  • LMD No. 11 (St. Tropez) – Maintenance Level F
  • LMD No. 13 (Le Village) – Maintenance Level D
  • LMD No. 14 (California Cove) – Maintenance Level D
  • LMD No. 16 (California Lighthouse) – Maintenance Level C
  • LMD No. 23 (Greystone) – Maintenance Level D
  • LMD No. 24 (Vineyards) – Maintenance Level C
  • LMD No. 27 (Rose Island) – Maintenance Level D
  • LMD No. 53 (Huff Court) – Maintenance Level D
  • Zone 2 (Harbour Island) of Waterways – Maintenance Level D

Important: The eight (8) Districts and one (1) Zone are already being levied at the maximum amount allowed per their respective formation documents. An increase in the annual charge to provide a higher level of maintenance must be approved by the affected residents. The City can’t increase the charge without resident approval.

Jeri Cooper of the City's Special Districts Division recently made a presentation on this topic at the Homeowner's Association meeting for the Oxnard Harbour Island Community (Zone 2 of the Waterways Maintenance Assessment District).

The major points of the presentation included:

  • There are 130 parcels in the Harbour Island Zone.
  • The annual assessment per parcel is $371.70 annually (charged on the property tax bill).
  • The total budget for the current D level of service is $49,867.
  • Budget deficit = -$1,546.
  • The City will be removing some turf and landscaping to reduced water costs.
  • Additional water reduction measures will be taken.
  • Cost saving measures will be completed in phases with additional areas to be impacted as needed to balance the budget.
  • A map showing areas being impacted is included in the presentation.
  • Proposed solutions include:
    • Continue to implement cost saving measures and lowering the level of maintenance to match revenue allowed under existing Zone guidelines.
    • Residents could approve a maintenance Community Facilities District tax at a higher rate to replace the Zone 2 charge and increase the level of service.  This requires a vote and 2/3rds approval by the registered voters within the boundaries of Zone 2.
    • The Homeowner's Association could enter into an agreement with the City to take over the maintenance of the improvements.

Please see the full presentation below for additional information.

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2 thoughts on “Oxnard Harbour Island Turf Removal”

  1. Michael J Hoevel

    The City of Oxnard has not been enforcing the contract with the landscaper. They are required to do certain things at least once a month, and they do not. Also, the residents have taken over the emptying of the dog waste cans that have not been picked up in a timely manor. They now are emptied once a week, saving the City money. Finally, some residents have even been weeding sections of the park, something the landscaper is required to do, but doesn’t. Giving the City more money when they are not meeting contract requirements at the moment, is a waste of funds.

    1. Michael,
      We appreciate your comments and hope to chat with you at one of the on-site workshop meetings we will be hosting in the coming months. We will be requesting copies of the inspection logs from the City as well as actions taken (and actions that can be taken per the contract) so that we can post them on CivicMic. We will also be working with the City to figure out ways to improve the inspection and enforcement procedures. Thanks again for your participation, CivicMic.

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