Oxnard Landscaping Schedule

Oxnard Landscaping Schedule & Inspection Reports: Landscape Maintenance Districts

Do you live in an Oxnard community where maintenance of the public improvements is funded by one of the City's landscape maintenance districts?  Would you like to see the Oxnard landscaping schedule to find out when the City's contractor is supposed to be in your community maintaining the improvements?  Would you like to see the inspection reports?  Would you like to know the level of maintenance for your community?  Do you want to know who is in charge at the City and what are the current staffing levels?  Do you want to see a map of the public improvements being maintained by the LMDs for the various communities?

You can!  We got it all in our Data Center!

Important: The landscape maintenance districts ("LMDs") fund the maintenance of public improvements only at the entrances and inside the communities where a LMD exists.  Not all communities have a LMD. The public improvements on the exterior (perimeter) and medians around the various communities are maintained with funds from the City's General Fund (not from the LMDs).

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The City of Oxnard has begun outreach and engagement efforts with residents interested in going through the process necessary for the City to increase the level of maintenance of the public improvements including the medians and exterior (perimeter) improvements for various communities throughout the City.  One of the first steps is to gauge the level of interest from each community.  Residents in the communities listed below will soon receive a postcard with a link to our Oxnard Survey!  Take the survey to help the City prioritize efforts and schedule a community meeting.

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California Cove
California Lighthouse
Country Club Estates
Harbour Island
Huff Court
Le Village
Meadow Crest Villas
Pacific Breeze
Pacific Cove

Pleasant Valley Senior Housing
River Ridge
Rose Island
St. Tropez
Standard Pacific
Sycamore Place

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