Oxnard Maintenance Calendar

Oxnard Maintenance Calendar: Special Districts Division

The City of Oxnard uses private contractors to maintain the landscaping inside various neighborhoods in the City with funds collected through landscape maintenance assessment district charges placed on the property tax bill and managed by the Special Districts Division.  Currently the City uses Garcia's Landscaping for most of the landscape maintenance districts ("LMDs") and Brightview for the Waterways Maintenance Assessment District (Mandalay Bay and Harbour Island).  The landscaping on the perimeter and medians around neighborhoods throughout the City is funded by the General Fund (not by the assessment charges) and the work is managed by the Parks Division (not the Special Districts Division).  Click here to learn more about the maintenance of landscaping on the perimeter and medians surrounding the City's neighborhoods.

CivicMic maintains current copies of the Oxnard maintenance calendar for the LMDs and the Waterways Maintenance Assessment District at the Data Center.  The Data Center also contains copies of the most recent annual report for each district including maps and descriptions of the areas serviced, landscaping improvements, assigned maintenance level of service, and assessment amounts charged on the property tax bill.  Other important documents found in the Data Center include a description of the maintenance levels of service afforded by each district, important district facts, and a link to the City's website where the landscape inspection reports for each district can be found.

Please click here to visit our Data Center and familiarize yourself with key information applicable to your neighborhood and district in preparation to the much anticipated onsite community meetings (coming soon).  The City wishes to engage concerned constituents at the upcoming community meetings in a collaborative effort to find and implement solutions for the revitalization of public improvements in and around the various neighborhoods in the City thus protecting real estate values and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.  In the meantime, please review the Oxnard maintenance calendar and find the schedule for your neighborhood.

Oxnard Maintenance Calendar: Waterways Maintenance Assessment District

Find the maintenance day for Mandalay Bay and Harbour Island.

Oxnard Maintenance Calendar: LMDs

Find the maintenance day for your neighborhood.

We continue to work with the City to schedule the community meetings and hope to work out the details in the coming month.  We will mail meeting details to everyone in the applicable districts and as always share the information through the CivicMic website and direct email to those that have subscribed to receive updates.  Please stay tuned as CivicMic will continue to share important and helpful information in preparation for the meetings.  We look forward to meeting you all soon!

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