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Oxnard Survey: Community Meeting for Maintenance Assessment Districts

November 5, 2019 Update: The survey is now closed.

The City of Oxnard is considering options to improve the maintenance of public improvements such as landscaping for various communities throughout the City. Take the Oxnard survey to help the City analyze the options and schedule a community meeting! CivicMic will continue to share information about the maintenance assessment districts, options for improvement and the process.

Important: The main purpose of the survey is to collect email addresses and get everyone involved in the discussion thus ensuring a high level of participation from each community. No conclusive decisions are being made from the survey other than finding out what communities are interested in meeting so we can prioritize our community meetings. We want as much representation from each community as possible so all views are heard and decisions are made by a large representation of each community.

Please click the button below to fill out the Oxnard survey and help the City schedule the community meeting.

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Important: An increase in the annual charge must be approved by the affected residents. The City can’t increase the assessments or form a replacement district without resident participation.

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2 thoughts on “Oxnard Survey: Community Meeting for Maintenance Assessment Districts”

  1. I did not like the two options to answer how to improve our maintenance. We currently have chosen to reduce maintenance for part of our district. I do not want to pay more for lmd on my tax bills

    1. Hi Karen,

      Reducing the level of maintenance or replacing landscaping with mulch, rocks or other low maintenance improvements are all valid options. We have seen other communities opting for these types of solutions instead of increasing the amount they pay. All ideas are welcome. The main purpose of this first survey is to gauge interest for a community meeting and most importantly for neighbors to share the survey with each other so that we can have as many sign up to our email list as possible. No conclusive decisions are being made from the survey. We want a full representation from your neighborhood at our meetings so that all ideas can be discussed and consensus be reached on a solution. Whatever that solution may be. There are no bad solutions as long as the group collectively agrees to it.

      We appreciate your input! Please share our posts with your neighbors – let’s grow the list and get everyone at the upcoming meetings!


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