Oxnard Survey Questions and Answers Part 1

Oxnard Survey: Questions and Answers Part 1

November 5, 2019 Update:  The survey is now closed.

CivicMic has begun receiving responses from the Oxnard survey.  The City wishes to engage constituents in a collaborative effort to find and implement solutions for the revitalization of public improvements in and around various neighborhoods in the City thus protecting real estate values and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

The survey responses will be used to identify concerns, gauge the level of interest of participation in the process, and to prioritize the scheduling of community meetings.

Oxnard Survey Questions and Answers Part 1

We have received many good questions from the Oxnard survey and anticipate receiving many more. Your participation and that of your neighbors is very important!  We would like to have as many attend the meeting as possible.  Please use the “Share this:” buttons at the bottom to share this post in social media with your neighbors so they too can take the survey!

In the meantime, we are gathering and researching your questions to get you answers here and at the community meetings.

Oxnard Survey Questions and Answers Part 1Get Answers Here!Get Answers Here!

Question:  How soon can we start?

Answer:  We anticipate the first round of community meetings to occur from late October through  November 2019.  Participation in the community meetings will determine next steps and how quickly decisions can be made and solutions implemented.


Question:  Does the survey apply to only areas maintained by the Landscape Maintenance District?

Answer:  At this time, this specific survey and effort applies only to neighborhoods where public improvements are maintained by the Landscape Maintenance Districts.  However, we welcome all comments and will forward them to the appropriate department at the City.  We may also replicate this effort for other City matters in the future.


Question:  Why was the maintenance work done well and kept nice for years then suddenly the sharp decline over the past 3 years or so?  What has changed?

Answer:  Until June 2015, the City was maintaining the public improvements for the Landscape Maintenance Districts ("LMDs") at higher levels (higher costs) than revenue received from the annual assessments.  There were twenty-five LMDs with a combined fund deficit of approximately $2,900,000.  The City has since reduced the level of service, including utilities, to match available revenue from the assessments.  Many of the assessments were set at a fixed amount without a cost of living inflator.  These assessments have not kept up with the ever rising cost of labor, materials and utilities.  This issue will be addressed in detail at the community meetings.


Question:  Why is the City not watering the trees?

Answer:  Please also read previous question and answer.  The City has reduced the watering schedule in many of the LMDs to match revenue from assessments to the budget.


Question:  What landscaping maintenance is performed annually in my LMD?

Answer:  Click here to visit our Data Center.  The following can be found in the our Data Center with information about the maintenance performed for each of the LMDs:

  • Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2019-2020
  • Garcia's Landscaping Schedule
  • Description of Maintenance Service Levels
  • District Fact Sheets
  • Maps of Improvements and Boundaries


Question:  How are property taxes apportioned to the LMDs?

Answer:  The property tax bill shows the LMD assessment as a separate charge.  It is not a part of the regular ad-valorem (1%) property tax.  LMD assessment funds are kept separately and tracked under a separate fund number by the City for each of the LMDs.  In addition, the funds can only be used for maintenance of the public improvements specific to the LMD from which the assessments were collected.  The Maps of Improvements and Boundaries along with the District Fact Sheets found in our Data Center provide the easiest visual representation of how funds are being used for each LMD.  Click here to visit our Data Center.


Question:  How can we get a different landscaping company to perform the maintenance work for our LMD?

Answer:  As a public agency, the City must follow specific procurement rules and procedures to bid and award the work to a landscaping company.  CivicMic will request the rules and procedures from the City and will post when received.  In the meantime, please click here to view the inspection reports on performance deficiencies by the landscaping company as identified by inspectors of the Special Districts Division.  Unless approved by the City's Project Manager, all deficiencies must be corrected within two weeks of notification to avoid a deduction from the monthly payment.

Important: An increase in the annual charge must be approved by the affected residents. The City can’t increase the assessments or form a replacement district without resident participation.

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