Pacific Cove Kickoff

Pacific Cove Kickoff Meeting: Monday 8/12/2019 at 6 PM

Updated 8/11/2019 - Location updated.   

Meet with CivicMic's Pablo Perez at the Pacific Cove Kickoff Meeting on Monday, August 12, 2019 at 6:00 PM.    CivicMic will be on location at 5452 Barrymore Drive in Oxnard.  Home has a green awning over the front door.  Join your neighbors attending this meeting!

The City of Oxnard is using the CivicMic platform for outreach and engagement with residents interested in going through the process necessary for the City to increase the level of maintenance of public improvements such as landscaping around the perimeter of Pacific Cove.

Pacific Cove receives a B level of maintenance for public improvements inside the tract.  However, assessments from the Pacific Cove Landscape Maintenance District No. 41 do not cover the maintenance of public improvements around the perimeter of the tract (the exterior improvements).

Not happy with the landscaping around Pacific Cove?Learn how the City can fix it!Join us at the Pacific Cove Kickoff Meeting!

Below are the budget and maps for public improvements being maintained by the City with Pacific Cove assessments charged on the property tax bill.  Reminder:  The City maintains the exterior improvements from City funds (the General Fund).

Please visit CivicMic often as additional information about how to improve the landscaping and public improvements for Pacific Cove will be posted throughout the year. In the meantime, please use the “Share this:” buttons below to share this post with your neighbors and read other posts with valuable information.

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