Pacific Cove Meeting Notes

Pacific Cove Meeting Notes

Updated August 15, 2019

Looking for the Pacific Cove Meeting Notes?

On August 12, 2019, CivicMic met with residents of the Pacific Cove community in Oxnard to learn about concerns with the Landscape Maintenance District No. 41, maintenance of the perimeter improvements, and the need for additional efforts to improve the community.

Pacific Cove Meeting Notes:

A big thanks to Jo Anne for hosting and to the residents that participated.  Below is a summary of the concerns and needs discussed at the meeting:

  • Parking - Some residents park vehicles blocking the sidewalks and wheelchair access ramps
  • Corner parking - Some residents park vehicles too close to the corner forcing drivers to drive around into a possible dangerous situation
  • Speeding - Need for stop signs and/or speed bumps
  • Trash - Need for more frequent clean up of the public improvement areas
  • Homeless in the community
  • Outdated street lights
  • Tree roots and trimming
  • Current B level of service - Residents do not believe they are receiving a B level of service
  • Need for an advisory committee of residents to work with the City and help manage how funds are spent
  • Review and access to data - Water usage data, sprinkler schedule, allocation of electricity costs, landscaping schedule, City's log of landscape's contractor performance and inspections
  • Need for contact information of City staff managing the work

Next Steps:

  1. CivicMic will work with the City and residents of Pacific Cove to review water usage, electricity cost allocation, landscaping schedules, level of maintenance provided, and logs of landscape contractor performance and inspections.  (Data has been requested by CivicMic, 8/15/2019)
  2. City to determine possible solutions and estimated costs to address resident's concerns.
  3. Residents to evaluate possible solutions and costs for prioritization.
  4. CiviMic to meet with Pacific Cove residents to present findings of data review, agree on prioritization of proposed solutions, and layout procedures for implementation.

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