Pacific Cove Service Level

Pacific Cove Service Level: A Tour of the Public Improvements

In this post, CivicMic will focus on the Pacific Cove service level received from the Landscape Maintenance District No. 41 maintenance of the interior public improvements. The City's General Fund covers the maintenance of the exterior (perimeter) improvements surrounding the Pacific Cove community.

On August 12, 2019, CivicMic met with residents to learn about concerns on the Pacific Cove service level provided for landscaping, maintenance of the perimeter improvements and the need for additional efforts to improve the community.

Did you miss the meeting?  Click here to read the meeting notes!

Click here to view the budget and maps for the public improvements being maintained by the City with Pacific Cove assessments charged on the property tax bill.

Important:  An increase in the annual charge for a higher level of maintenance including the perimeter improvements and addition of new features must be approved by the affected residents. The City can’t increase the assessments or form a replacement district without resident participation.

As stated in the meeting notes (click here to read), CivicMic will work with the City and residents of Pacific Cove to review current water usage, electricity cost allocation, landscaping schedules, and logs of landscape contractor performance and inspections before the next community meeting and any further discussions on increasing the annual charge.

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