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Video: Roads Advisory Committee 7/22/2019

The City of La Habra Heights Roads Advisory Committee assists the City Council and staff with the decision-making process and oversight required to maintain quality roads within the City. The Committee assists the City in developing a comprehensive program to attain and sustain the desired level of roads maintenance and repairs.

Watch the video below of the Roads Advisory Committee meeting held July 22, 2019 for a status on the repair and maintenance of streets and drainage facilities throughout the City.

Highlights from the meeting include:

  • Per the latest update of the Pavement Management Plan, the City's pavement condition index ("PCI") is currently at 67.2 from 65.1.  The new PCI reflects a couple of projects including the 2017/18 Street Improvement Project.
  • A PCI of 67.2 means most streets in the City are rated as being at under fair conditions.
  • The City plans to achieve a PCI of 72 at the five-year mark and and a PCI of 75 at the ten-year mark.
  • The effort is estimated to cost approximately $877,000 in annual roads maintenance.  Funding sources include approximately $500,000 from the City's General Fund and the remainder from Street Maintenance Assessment District No. 7 charges levied on the property tax bill.
  • The Pavement Management Plan will be updated every three years.

Watch the Roads Advisory Committee Meeting

Click the button to watch the July 22, 2019 Roads Advisory Committee Meeting.

The next Roads Advisory Committee Meeting is scheduled for August 26, 2019 (a Monday) at 6:30 PM. Meetings are held at City Hall, 1245 N. Hacienda Road. Your attendance and participation is always welcomed!

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