Wingfield Budget for 2020-21

Wingfield Budget for 2020-21

As recently posted by CivicMic, the City of Oxnard Maintenance Assessment District levies were approved for Fiscal Year 2020-21 at the June 2, 2020 Council meeting.  The approval included the Wingfield budget for 2020-21 funded by Landscape Maintenance District No. 52 ("LMD No. 52") assessment levies.  LMD No. 52 was formed in February 2005 and currently funds the maintenance of the interior public improvements at a "B" maintenance level of service for the Wingfield community.  A "B" maintenance level of service means the improvements are maintained every 2 weeks.  Please see the links below for a description of the maintenance levels of service.

Maintenance costs, including utilities, have significantly increased over the years and the maintenance of the exterior public improvements (perimeter, parkways, and medians) surrounding the Wingfield community is now funded from the City's General Fund and not LMD No. 52 assessments.  Lack of funding from the General Fund has resulted in a lower maintenance level of service for the exterior improvements.

Important:  Proceedings to fund the maintenance of the exterior improvements (perimeter, parkways, and medians) must be approved by the Wingfield community. The City can’t proceed without the community's participation.

Click on the links below for quick access to key information about the City's maintenance assessment districts including Wingfield's LMD No. 52.


Wingfield Budget for 2020-21

Wingfield Map of Improvements and Boundaries

Join us to learn about available options to improve the Wingfield community including the exterior improvements (perimeter, parkways, and medians).

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The City of Oxnard wishes to engage constituents in a collaborative governance effort to find and implement solutions for the revitalization and long-term viability of public improvements in and around various neighborhoods in the City thus protecting real estate values and enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Solutions are expected to include the creation of citizen advisory committees, ongoing monitoring, and adaptive management techniques to ensure the sustainability of desired outcomes and successful implementation of the agreed-upon solutions.

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